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About Runcorn Rowing Club

Runcorn Rowing Club was founded in 1894 on land purchased from the Marquis of Cholmondeley. The Clubhouse and boathouses are situated on Cholmondeley Road, Clifton, Runcorn, WA7 4XT adjacent to Rocksavage Power Station. Rowing is on the River Weaver Navigation, the best stretch of rowing water in the North-West. The Club is affiliated to British Rowing (the sport’s governing body) and operates under British Rowing rules. The Club has a number of boats from singles to eights to suit all ages and weights.

Half of the members are juniors or students - a small number of dedicated rowers have expanded the Club in the past five years. About 30 senior members are active as coaches, committee members or helpers. Water based training sessions are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings all year. On lighter nights: Tuesdays and Thursdays Novices and new joiners Sunday mornings only. Adults on Wednesday evenings. The Club is heavily involved in 'Project Oarsome' British Rowing's development strategy for young rowers.




Facilities and Equipment

Existing Facilities


  • All the land-based facilities at the Cholmondeley Road site are owned by Runcorn Rowing Club.

  • There is a small clubhouse which was built in the 1970s. The main room of the clubhouse contains six ergos and general training area, a small serving and food preparation area, and a seating area. At the back of the clubhouse are men’s and women’s changing facilities with toilets and showers.


  • There are two adjacent very old boat houses half of one of these is used by Liverpool University and the remaining space is taken up primarily by private boats and club singles.

  • At the very end of the boat houses is a fibreglass lean-to shed which houses single and double canoes belonging to Runcorn Canoe Club and members of Runcorn Canoe Club.

  • There is a new boat house which houses the Runcorn Rowing Club fleet and was designed to accommodate the equivalent of 16 eights. However, the rowing club has grown so rapidly in recent years that the racking was rearranged to provide an additional narrow aisle in the centre for the storage of doubles on one side and fours on the other side. The aisle space is taken up with launches, trestles, a mobile pontoon, and a private skiff. The new boat house also houses three Runcorn Canoe Club quadruple canoes.

  • Access to the river is by means of a recently installed pontoon adjacent to the new boat house long enough to boat an eight or two quadruple sculls/fours and a concrete quay at the front of the old boat houses.

  • Runcorn Rowing Club owns the freehold to the land on which the clubhouse and two old boat houses stand.



New Facilities Needed


In recent years, the rowing club has grown to a size that even current demand for dry land training space cannot be met from the existing facilities and supplementary facilities must be hired. In order to grow the rowing and canoeing clubs:


  • We need to expand storage space to accommodate the boats needed to extend the type of rowing on offer to recreational rowing, and to have boats suitable for high level competition.

  • We need to expand the storage space to accommodate the club boats needed to train adult paddlers, to accommodate boats used by new paddling members and to improve the storage space available to current paddling members.


  • A relatively inexpensive and secure way of doing this is to add modularised storage space for equipment such as launches so that the fleet of boats can be increased within the new boat house by means of mobile racking.


  • We need to provide a larger training area within the clubhouse and a room which can be used jointly as a meeting room and crew training and briefing room. A relatively inexpensive way of doing this is to add a small, modularised building which contains a meeting room and adjoining kitchen. The meeting room would serve also as a crew training and briefing room. By removing the kitchen and seating area from the clubhouse, as these facilities would now be provided within the new building, this would free up space in the clubhouse to expand the training area.


  • We need additional land on which to expand.





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